The Taylor PTA Executive Board, 2018-2019


Here is your 2018-2019 PTA Executive Board.  Click on the name or title for any position to email that person, or send an email to the entire Executive Board as a group.

President:  Christa Mansur.  Christa is the fearless leader of the PTA and a constant presence at the school.  How she manages it all is anyone's guess.

Vice President - Communications:  Adrianne Bosco.  As VP for Communications, Adrianne manages the PTA's social media accounts and the PTA bulletin board at the school.  She also works closely with Stacy on the weekly update emails.

Vice President - Fundraising:  Leslie Abbott.  As VP for Fundraising, Leslie makes sure that the PTA raises the money it needs to do everything it does.

Treasurer:  Kami Ragsdale.  Kami handles the PTA's finances.  She keeps the books, deposits the checks, prepares the budgets, and covers the reimbursements. 

Recording Secretary:  Margaret Maloney.  Margaret keeps the minutes for the PTA so that we have a record of what the PTA Board has done and of what happened at PTA membership meetings.

Corresponding Secretary:  Linea Toepel.  Linea makes sure that everyone who needs a thank-you note or acknowledgment from the PTA gets one.  For an organization that relies on volunteers, it is an important role.

Webmaster:  Mark Freeman.  Mark keeps the Taylor PTA website humming and manages the various accounts needed to maintain the PTA's online existence.