The Taylor PTA Executive Board, 2019-2020


Here is your 2019-2020 PTA Executive Board.  Click on the name or title for any position to email that person.

President:  Christa Mansur.  Christa is the fearless leader of the PTA and a constant presence at the school.  How she manages it all is anyone's guess.

Vice President - Communications:  Adrianne Bosco.  As VP for Communications, Adrianne manages the PTA's social media accounts and the PTA bulletin board at the school. 

Vice President - Fundraising:  Leslie Abbott.  As VP for Fundraising, Leslie makes sure that the PTA raises the money it needs to do everything it does.

Treasurer:  Kami Ragsdale.  Kami handles the PTA's finances.  She keeps the books, deposits the checks, prepares the budgets, and covers the reimbursements. 

Recording Secretary:  Margaret Maloney.  Margaret keeps the minutes for the PTA so that we have a record of what the PTA Board has done and of what happened at PTA membership meetings.

Corresponding Secretary:  Laura Floros.  Laura makes sure that everyone who needs a thank-you note or acknowledgment from the PTA gets one.  For an organization that relies on volunteers, it is an important role.

Webmaster:  Mark Freeman.  Mark keeps the Taylor PTA website humming and manages the various accounts needed to maintain the PTA's online existence.